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Lavish Whimsy

Artist, Illustrator, designer, storyteller, and mentor. Graham Lewis Fleming is a creative catalyst, varied in his approach and pursuits. He is co-founder of All Nations Art Community (ANACOM) in Tokyo.

Graham views his business as treasure hunting. He searches out gems of beauty and wisdom, and attempts to weave those gems into image, character, and story. He cultivates creativity with heavenly inspiration. While varied in his techniques and interests, Graham excels in new-media painting, character design & children’s books. Graham is most at home in Ome, Tokyo.

Graham leads workshops on digital art, visual storytelling, and children's books. He has guided children as young as five years old in making their own books, and continues to further his own education with online courses. 


My passion is to inspire meditation that cultivates a more beautiful community.

Graham Lewis Fleming

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