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Glory gradually burns brighter

Reflected in my humble & mundane work & love

Beginning now, everyday burning brighter



私の謙遜さと 日常の仕事 愛に映し出され

今 それは始まり 日々 ますます眩しく燃え上がる

Bible Series

This painting embodies the burning bush where Moses met with the I AM. It is reminiscent of the menorah, a memorial of persistent devotion and prayer.  Burning Life takes us back to Eden where we expect a holy encounter on a daily basis.

Burning Life | 燃えるいのち

  • Graham Lewis Fleming's new media artworks stitch together elements of digital, acrylic, photographic, and precious metals. These are reproduced by gicleé printing on canvas and hand stretched. The paintings are gallery wrapped and designed to be hung without frames, unless specified. Some may contain additional hand-painted original elements.

    Sizes are offered in 30cm, 45cm, 65cm and some 100cm square. 

    All purchases include signature and certification.

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