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The Garden is where we are meant to dwell. The garden is a place of delight and rest. The garden is the place we flourish and grow. However, we often find ourselves in the dry and weary wilderness. This image speaks of the grave stone rolled away to open a way into a new creation of human flourishing.

庭は私たちが住むべき場所です。 庭は喜びと休息の場所です。 庭は私たちが繁栄し、成長する場所です。 しかし、私たちは乾燥した疲れた荒野にいることがよくあります。 このイメージは、人間の繁栄の新しい創造への道を開くために転がされた墓石について語っています。


As I explore the world of painting, the process itself is one that invokes mystery & meditation. Abstract art offers hints, but also demands exploration. Abstract art massages the atmosphere of a room or space in a non-obtrusive way. They can compliment without overpowering. They can give direction without commanding. It’s a gentle call, and those that are ready, those who are seeking, can be drawn away into a conversation. That interaction could be with themselves, or with the Divine.


Garden Stone | 園の石

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