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Bring a robe to replace these rags. Place a ring on this hand and a crown for this head. My child was lost, but now returned home. This image proclaims your relationship to royalty. 

これらのぼろきれの代わりにローブを持ってきてください。 この手に指輪を、この頭に王冠を置きます。 私の子供は行方不明でしたが、今家に帰ってきました。 この画像は、王族との関係を宣言します。


In this collection of digital illuminations, Graham Lewis Fleming designs meditations based upon heavenly themes and temple imagery. These paintings offer reflections of spiritual ponderings rooted in Judeo-Christian scriptures.  


Royal Robe | 王家の衣

  • Graham Lewis Fleming's new media artworks stitch together elements of digital, acrylic, photographic, and precious metals. These are reproduced by gicleé printing on canvas and hand stretched. The paintings are gallery wrapped and designed to be hung without frames, unless specified. Some may contain additional hand-painted original elements.

    Sizes are offered in 30cm, 45cm, 65cm and some 100cm square. 

    All purchases include signature and certification.

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